Materials for a Boho necklace - silk ribbon, fire polish glass beads, copper rings, satin cord

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Bead weaving necklace using 8/0 seed beads and 3.4mm glass drops

Basic Stringing

$25 includes supplies for an 18-20" necklace

90 minutes

Covers design, finishing techniques, best practices


$25 plus supplies

 2 hours

Traditional "pearl" knotting techniques

Basic Metalwork

$35 includes copper sheet 

2-2.5 hours

Cut, file, texture, punch

Make a pendant and/or earrings

**Advanced classes available**

Bead Weaving

$25 plus supplies

2-2.5 hours

Basic peyote stitch using 8/0 seed beads

Needle and thread technique

Many other bead weaving classes available

Jeweler's brass sheet metal disks and London blue topaz


$35 includes supplies for an 18-20" braided necklace

2 hours

Traditional Japanese braiding

Very versatile technique!


$35 includes supplies

Basic Metalwork experience required

2-2.5 hours

Make earring components and enamel them


$35 includes supplies

2-3 hours

Make a wire setting for a gemstone pendant (included)

Other wire classes available


$25 plus supplies

2-3 hours

Make a rosary using wire (traditional) or flexible beading wire

Copper sheet metal and metal forming swage


$35 plus supplies

Part I - 3 hours; Set up your loom and begin weaving. Pattern provided

Part II - Complete looming at home

Part III - 3 hours; Return for finishing


$25 plus supplies

2 hours

Strung not knotted

Chain Maille

$35 includes supplies

2 hours

Byzantine weave bracelet