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From name bracelets to restringing Great Grandmother's vintage necklace to original designs for your wedding or other special occasion, we are here to help.

Custom Work:

Want something incredibly unique, but expertly crafted?

We can do that!

Costs are based on supplies needed plus a service fee of $20.00/hour.


Did your favorite bracelet break?  Something old need a quick fix?  We can do that!

Our repair costs are based on the supplies needed plus a service fee of $20.00/hour.

Design Consult:

Have an idea, but need some expert assistance?

We can do that!

We can help you design & finish your special project. Our consultant fee is $20.00/hour.

Call 816-455-0090 today to schedule your consultation for any of these options.

Mother and Grandmother Name Bracelets:

We know just how special these are, and we love to make them uniquely yours!

Pricing starts at approximately $75 for a single strand (using sterling silver components).  Multiple strands require a bit more time to center the names and fill in the beads, and finishing is more difficult.  Pricing ranges based on the amount of supplies needed and the time estimated to finish the project.  Plan on approximately $65 for each additional strand.



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